list of contemporary Brazilian poets, with bios and photos. Some of them have already died, but most are still active. So, 

Who are the contemporary poets of Brazil?

Conceição Evaristo Photo
1. Conceição Evaristo

Conceição Evaristo (born November 29, 1946) is a Brazilian writer. She was born in a favela in the southern area of Belo Horizonte, to a very poor family with nine brothers and her mother. She had to work as a domestic servant during her youth until she finished her normal course in 1971, at the age of 25. She writes about race, gender and class discrimination, especially of black women.

Ana Martins Marques Photo
2. Ana Martins Marques

Ana Martins Marques is a Brazilian poet (Belo Horizonte, 07 de novembro de 1977). She has received various literary awards in Brazil, among them the Prêmio da Fundação Biblioteca Nacional and third place for Prêmio Oceanos. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, and Spanish. His poetry combines formal elaboration with a reflection on life, promoting a narrowing between language and experience. 

Arnaldo Antunes Photo
3. Arnaldo Antunes

Arnaldo Antunes (September 2, 1960) is a Brazilian musician, writer, and composer.  Antunes's poetry is the magic, he wields with apparently simple elements combines into challenging verbal artifacts. The polysemous of words is abounds in Antunes's poetry. Antunes also has worked with concrete and digital poetics over the years,  he most notable for the sheer diversity of his work.

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Elisa Lucinda Photo
4. Elisa Lucinda

Elisa Lucinda (born February 2, 1958) is a Brazilian actress, poet and journalist. Lucinda was 27 when she decided to move to Rio de Janeiro to become an actress; however, her poetry was more successful. She talks about love, pain, passion, frustration, birth, death. But her poetry doesn’t shy away from dealing with social problems that are quite Brazilian. Racism, sexism, mistreatment of the poor.

Armando Freitas Filho Photo
5. Armando Freitas Filho

Armando Freitas Filho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1940. Throughout his career, he has experimented with different poetic practices that range from Concrete Poetry to Poesia Práxis to the Marginal Poetry of the late 1970s mimeograph generation. He has twice been awarded the Jabuti Prize, one of the most important literary prizes in Brazil, and shortlisted on numerous occasions. 

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Angelica Freitas Photo
6. Angélica Freitas

Angélica Freitas (born April 8, 1973) is a Brazilian poet and translator. Her first book of poems was Rilke Shake. In 2012 her book Um Útero é do Tamanho de um Punho was a finalist on 2013 Prêmio Portugal Telecom. Freitas's poetry was published in France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Her poems were published at several print and digital magazines 

Olga Savary Photo
7. Olga Savary

Olga Savary was a Brazilian writer, poet, and literary critic. She wrote several publications and was a member of PEN International. Notably, she won the Prêmio Jabuti in 1970 for Espelho Provisório. In Olga Savary, there is a mixture of explosion and sensitivity, of folly and modesty, as if she feared, by speaking out loud, she would break the enchantment of life: whether it be a child, a memory, a city.

Ricardo Aleixo Photo
8. Ricardo Aleixo

Ricardo Aleixo is a decidedly interdisciplinary artist. He is a poet, essayist, editor, visual artist, sound designer, singer, composer and performer. He co-founded and curates the FAN (Festival de Arte Negra), the major art and culture festival of the African Diaspora in Brazil.He is the author of six books, including his latest Pesado demais para a ventania: antología poetica (Todavia, 2018).

Nicolar Behr Photo
9. Nicolas Behr

Nicolas Behr (Cuiabá - 1958) is a Brazilian poet, generally associated with the Mimeograph Generation and Marginal Poetry. In 1977, he launched Iogurte com farinha (Yogurt with flour) - his first made in mimeograph, with 8,000 copies sold from hand to hand through bars and other public places in the Federal Capital. 

Eliane Potiguara Photo
10. Eliane Potiguara

Eliane Potiguara (1950) is an award-winner writer, poet, activist, professor, social entrepreneur of indigenous descent. She was bestowed the Order of Cultural Merit from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, and participated in the elaboration of The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Her texts and poems have been published in several magazines, websites, anthologies and e-books.

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