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Nicolas Behr (Cuiabá - 1958) is a Brazilian poet, generally associated with the Mimeograph Generation and Marginal Poetry. In 1977, he launched Iogurte com farinha (Yogurt with flour) - his first made in mimeograph, with 8,000 copies sold from hand to hand through bars and other public places in the Federal Capital. In August 1978, after writing Grande Circular, Caroço com Goiaba and Chá Com Porrada he was arrested and prosecuted by DOPS for "possession of pornographic material", being tried and acquitted the following year.

Lar do Menor

(The House for the Young)

where today stands edith’s house,
where they sell fabric,
was the lar do menor

lar do menor was demolished
everything was demolished


they even demolished our
football field

Enigmatic Brasilia

brasilia, there are exactly 3232 days left
until we balance the books

you owe me a poem
i owe you a tender look

on the shores of the paranoa lake
i grab a piece of wood
between an old tire and a dead fish
(an egret is my witness)

you don’t recognize me
i don’t recognize you

* * *
how to decipher
your handwriting
of posts and winds?

The Story Of Quinzinho

quinzinho was a crazy guy
that traveled between
montes claros and janauba,
in the north of minas gerais

to enliven his walks
he constructed a truck
made of wood, carrying
different wares
all from his farms, he would say

cattle, rice, charcoal, pequi and,
more recently, soy
all nicely set up
in his toy truck

quinzinho was killed, run over,
close to capitão enéas
while he changed the tire
of his truck
on the side of the road

Translated by Michael J. Hill