Divanize Carbonieri: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry


Divanize Carbonieri


Divanize Carbonieri is a university professor, poet and short story writer. She has published nine books, including Passagem estreita [Narrow passage] (short stories, 2019), A ossatura do rinoceronte [The rhino’s skeleton] (poetry, 2020), and Nojo [Disgust] (short stories, 2020). She was shortlisted for the Jabuti Prize (Brazil) in 2020.


he heard
her say

a road requires flying

[when she walked]

when she walked
he dropped his glass
of water

an ocean under his feet

[she remembers]

she remembers
his love
in flesh

a bittersweetmeat

[it looks like]

it looks like
she is
            fully loose

his foolish look licks
                       and locks her

[his territory of]

his territory of
is plain

she is fond of
                       steep mountains