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Isabel Furini Brazilian Poet


Isabel Furini is an Argentine writer, poet and educator. He has lived in Brazil since 1980. He is a columnist for the newspaper Paraná Imprensa. He published 35 books in Brazil, among them: “Os Corvos de Van Gogh” and “,,, e outros silêncios”; he participated in an anthology in Buenos Aires. She is an Ambassador of the Word of the César Egido Serrano Foundation (Spain). His poems were awarded in Brazil, Spain and Portugal.


The fish cleaner with his sharp blade
destroys (in addition to skin and scales)
the dreams that the fish weave at dawn

The noise of cars on wet asphalt
enters through the window but is muffled
by the sound of the facon breaking cartilage and bones
(the cleaner with a gesture of bitterness
put the remains in a garbage can)

The fish cleaner has a guilt complex
that is why he requested an artist who sculpts
a marble fish
for he read in an old manuscript
than the deepest dream of fish
it is to submerge with the angels in the waters of infinity.

With the gaze of the raven

in the gloom
the cry of the raven wakes us up
for new realities

in the shadows, the lightning
scares the retinas
and the myocardium

it is necessary to carve the word love
appealing to memory
and to the senses

we keep that loving feeling
in the flowery fields
From the past

now the world has changed
- this is the season
of lightning and terror

it is necessary to call love
and cultivate some ideal
with intensity

like a crow on a fall day
we can see the world
with a deep gaze fixed on the future.

Translated by Awen Maganize (Spain)