Adriane Garcia: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry


Adriane Garcia (Belo Horizonte, 1973) is a Brazilian poet, writer, theater educator and actress. He graduated in History from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and specialized in Art Education at UEMG. Her first book, "Fables for adults to lose sleep", won the Paraná Prize for Literature in 2013, in the poetry category. In 2017, she was the curator of the Belo Horizonte International Literary Festival.

Bonnie And Clyde

I saw Bonnie and Clyde
So many times
I started to
Only on
Bank robberies

As beautiful as Bonnie
And Clyde
Loving each other
Under the bursts
Was dreaming on
As if you
Robbed me
A hollow

Love is this
That ends up in one of the

Translated by Samantha Batista   


The color white reflects the sun
And sends the heat away
From Earth

If Earth warms up
The ice melts
And Earth does warm up

The seaweed that is born under the ice
Feeds the krill
Wihich feeds the whale

If there's no ice
There's no krill
And there's no whale

I know it's obvious
But I already spoke of love
And you didn't even listen.

Translated by Beta Guedes Cummins