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Thiago de Mello Brazilian Poet


Amadeu Thiago de Mello (Born in Barreirinha, March 31, 1926) is a Brazilian poet and translator. He is one of the most influential and respected poets in the country, recognized as an icon of regional literature. It has works translated into more than thirty languages. Imprisoned during the dictatorship (1964-1985), he went into exile in Chile, finding a friend and collaborator in Pablo Neruda.

Man: A View From The Forest

The winds of the world blow; blowing
They sweep and carry, undoing,
Destroying all that humans
Onde built, things tha may be grand
But are also fragile and finite.
Not planted in the core of eternity
They´re a mere banner
Made of blood, dreams, clay and song.

A Poem Close To The End

Death is not painful.
What hurts is nothingness
That life brings to Love.
I play na enchanted flute
And its music is not heard.
It snows in my heart<
It´s the grief I carry
For failing to be good.

The Magic Of Saying

When I talk and my words
But I Will only understand them

When I´m hurt by their edges
First hidden from view.

Or when their meaning change
In a verse (even the most common words do):

Arraigned to describe pain
They prefer to sing birds and flowers.
Translated by Sérgio Bath