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Augusto Meyer was a Brazilian poet, journalist, and folklorist. He won the Prêmio Machado de Assis in 1948.


Who was it plunged into the smooth lake of glass

and faces me now in tis hard light?

The brown eyes have mysterious glints
and the pupils are so wide with the darkness of dreams
that the lips´ curve, sensual as a kiss, fades.

I raise my hand — he had his.

My so persistent plagiarist.

All I do dies in the ice of a reflection.

(He smiles at my sarcasm.)

There is no escape from introversion,
no way to touch the flesh of evidence!

O the cruel irony of knowing, ghost, that I am you…


Published AN INTRODUCTION TO MODERN BRAZILIAN POETRY. Verse translations by Leonard S. Downes.  [São Paulo]: Clube de Poesia do Brasil, 1954.  84 p.   14x20 cm.  “ Leonard S. Downes “ Ex. Biblioteca Nacional de Brasília.