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Renata Pallottini Brazilian Poet


Pallottini's poetry is a mirror of the real world. It reflects all the contradictions of everyday life. It balances between lies and truths, between illusions and frustrations, between life and death, pain and pleasure. Between the ugly and the beautiful. Between hope and despair. To feel and to understand her poems simultaneously is not a challenge because Pallottini is one of the few lucky artists (and people) who combine emotions and reason in a unique, harmonious way, both in her work and in her life. There is no dividing line between the heart and the brain, between the real and the imaginary, between the sophisticated and the simple. These are the qualities that make her and her work so appealing. — Elzbieta Szoka


I dedícate.

That of the body
that which I eat.

All I dedícate
my love

to your hunger.

To A Murdered Homosexual

You used to train dogs.
Probably they never bit you.
Today you are forever beneath the ground
killed by men
who train

Ride Naked On That Beast

Ride naked on that beast
That might throw you

It's no worse than seeing children
Thrown in the trash heaps

It's no worse than sandals
Smeared with manure

It's no worse than pain
that doesn´t become music

It's no worse than love
that hurts more than all the rest.

Ride naked on that beast
or the world will throw you.

Translated by K. David Jackson