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Rachel de Queiroz Brazilian Poet


Rachel de Queiroz (November 17, 1910 – November 4, 2003) was a Brazilian author, translator and journalist. She began her career in journalism in 1927 under the pen name "Rita de Queiroz".[1] She entered the national spotlight with the unexpected success of her debut novel O Quinze in 1930. She published other three novels before moving to Rio in 1939.[2] She was also renowned for her chronicles, short topical newspaper pieces.

Glass Tile

When the town girl arrived,
she came to live in the farm
at the old house…
too old…
that house was built by my grandpa…
They let her to sleep at the dormitory,
a room with no light, so dark!
Dived into the sadness
from its darkness and its single little door…
The lady didn´t say a word;
but she asked someone to bring from the downtown
a glass tile,
she wanted it was lit up,
her room with no light…

Now the bedroom where she lives
is the liveliest at the farm.
So clear that, at noon,
it is like a lace of the sun arabesques
on the red bricks even being very old,
just now see the sun light…

The white and cold moon
also gets in the light
of the miraculous tile…
Or some daring little star
makes face on the mirror
where the lady combs her hair…
One day you told me
that your life it was all darkness,
gray, cold,
without a moonlight, without a flash…
Why don´t you try?
Wasn´t the lady so well succeed?
Put a glass tile on your life!

Translated by Isaac Furtado