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Bráulio Bessa Uchoa (Alto Santo, July 23, 1985) is a Brazilian poet, cordelist, reciter and speaker. He became famous after posting videos on the internet to rescue traditional string literature. That's how his videos with declamations have already surpassed 250 million views, having as trademarks the accent and the inseparable hat. He is also the creator of the project ‘Nação Nordestina’, which promotes the culture of the Northeast on the internet and which has more than one million fans/followers, which has consecrated him as an activist.

Begin Again Recomece

When life hits hard
and your soul bleeds,
when this overbearing world
hurts you, crushes you…
It is time to start over.
Begin TO FIGHT again.

When everything is dark
and nothing illuminates,
when everything is uncertain
and you only have doubts…
It is time to start over.
Begin TO BELIEVE again.

When the road is long
and your body weakens,
when there is no path
not even a place to come to…
It is time to start over.
Begin TO JOURNEY again.

When evil is evident
and love conceals itself,
when the heart is empty,
when the hug is missing…
It is time to start over.
Begin TO LOVE again.

When you fall
and no one catches you,
when the force of what is bad
succeeds in knocking you down…
It is time to start over.
Begin TO RISE again.

When hopelessness
decides to whip you,
if everything that is real
is hard to bear…
It is time to start over.
Begin TO DREAM again.

After all,

You need an ending
to be able to begin again,
as you have to fall
to be able to get up.
To change the stern not always
means a return.

Reschedule that meeting,
regain a love,
bring together those who love you,
comfort a sufferer,
reinvigorate who is sad
and relearn in the pain.

Begin again, redo yourself,
remember what was good,
rebuild each dream,
rediscover some talent,
relearn when you make mistakes,
shake the hips when dancing,
and if one day, way ahead,
life gives a reverse,
recover your faith
and BEGIN AGAIN anew.

Translated by Rosaliene Bacchus