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Ariano Suassuna Brazilian Poet


Ariano Vilar Suassuna was a Brazilian playwright and author. He is in the "Movimento Armorial". He founded the Student Theater at Federal University of Pernambuco. Four of his plays have been filmed, and he was considered one of Brazil's greatest living playwrights of his time. He was also an important regional writer, doing various novels set in the Northeast of Brazil. He received an honorary doctorate at a ceremony performed at a circus. He was the author of, among other works, the "Auto da Compadecida" and "A Pedra do Reino". He was a staunch defender of the culture of the Northeast, and his works dealt with the popular culture of the Northeast.

The Brennand Mural in Miami

The Americans call her Flórida,
But Florida is its name :
flowery peninsula, of the spanish Roses,
that the Salt purifies and eat.

White from clouds, blue from Sky
and now the blue-and-white of the Floral.
Yes! From the Naves of the Northeastern churches,
from the clay Walls, Stone and lime,
to there emigrated the winged Form
of Fire and of brazier,
of the navy Blue and portuguese.

White Sun of the brazilian northeast

The Land is another.
The same is the Clear Sky,
and the same is this Blue of fire and gold
the Gold of this Honey.