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Vinicius de Moraes Brazlian Poet


Marcus Vinicius da Cruz e Mello Moraes (October 19, 1913 – July 9, 1980), also known as Vinícius de Moraes and nicknamed O Poetinha (the little poet), was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a poet, he wrote lyrics for a great number of songs that became all-time classics. He was also a composer of bossa nova, a playwright, a diplomat and, as an interpreter of his own songs, he left several important albums.

Sonnet of Fidelity

Above all, to my love I'll be attentive
First and always, with care and so much
That even when facing the greatest enchantment
By love be more enchanted my thoughts.

I want to live it through in each vain moment
And in its honor I'll spread my song
And laugh my laughter and cry my tears
When you are sad or when you are content.

And thus, when later comes looking for me
Who knows, the death, anxiety of the living,
Who knows, the loneliness, end of all lovers

I'll be able to say to myself of the love (I had):
Be not immortal, since it is flame
But be infinite while it lasts.

Translated by MariGoes

Sonnet of the Friend

At last, after so many past mistakes
So much retaliation, so much danger
There reappears in another the old friend
Never lost, always found again.

It’s good to sit by his side again
With eyes that contain the familiar look
Always with me a little troubled
And as always particular with me.

A creature just like me, simple and human
Knowing how to move and be moved
And to disguise my own delusion.

Friend: a being life doesn’t explain
Which only goes on seeing another born
And multiplies the mirror of my soul...

Translated by Rosaliene Bacchus

Sonnet on Separation

Suddenly laughter became sobbing
Silent and white like the mist
And united mouths became foam
And upturned hands became astonished.

Suddenly the calm became the wind
That extinguished the last flame in the eyes
And passion became foreboding
And the still moment became drama.

Suddenly, no more than suddenly
He who’d become a lover became sad
And he who’d become content became lonely

The near became the distant friend
Life became a vagrant venture
Suddenly, no more than suddenly.

Translated by Ashley Brown