Márcia Wayna Kambeba: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry

Márcia Wayna Kambeba Brazilian Poet


Márcia Kambeba, of the Omágua/Kambeba indigenous people in Brazil, is the author of Ay kakyri Tama – Eu moro na cidade (2013). She’s a writer, composer, poet, activist, photographer, performer, and public speaker on indigenous and Amazonian subjects. With a master’s degree in geography, she offers workshops and storytelling throughout Brazil and abroad.

Astrid Cabral: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry

Astrid Cabral Brazilian Poet


Astrid Cabral Félix de Sousa (born 1936) is a novelist, critic, environmentalist, and diplomat, and one of the most eminent contemporary poets in Brazil. She is the author of numerous books of poetry, including Through Water (2003) and Anteroom (2007), along with many collections of essays and short fiction. Born in Manaus, Amazonas, she has lived and worked as a diplomat in Beirut and Chicago and has taught in both the United States and Brazil. A mother of five, she currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, where she continues her work as a figure in the Amazonian cultural identity and recovery movement.

Patricia Galvão (Pagu): Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry

Patricia Galvão Brazilian Poet


Patrícia Rehder Galvão, known by her pseudonym Pagu (June 9, 1910 – December 12, 1962) was a Brazilian writer, poet, playwright, journalist, and translator who had a large role in the Brazilian Modernist movement. Pagu was also politically active, being associated to the Brazilian Communist Party during the 1930 decade.

Bráulio Bessa: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry

Bráulio Bessa Brazilian Poet


Bráulio Bessa Uchoa (Alto Santo, July 23, 1985) is a Brazilian poet, cordelist, reciter and speaker. He became famous after posting videos on the internet to rescue traditional string literature. That's how his videos with declamations have already surpassed 250 million views, having as trademarks the accent and the inseparable hat. He is also the creator of the project ‘Nação Nordestina’, which promotes the culture of the Northeast on the internet and which has more than one million fans/followers, which has consecrated him as an activist.

Pedro Kilkerry: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry

Pedro Kilkerry Brazilian Poet


Pedro Militão dos Santos Kilkerry (March 10, 1885 – March 25, 1917) was a Brazilian journalist and Parnassian/Symbolist poet. He was born in Santo Antônio de Jesus, in the state of Bahia, on March 10, 1885. His father, John Kilkerry, was a British engineer, and his mother, Salustiana do Sacramento Lima, was a freed Afro-Brazilian slave. Poor and bohemian, details about Kilkerry's life are very sparse, but it is known that he wrote some poems and articles for newspapers such as Os Anais and A Nova Cruzada before dying prematurely due to tuberculosis. He never published any book during his lifetime. His work remained forgotten for many years, until it was rediscovered in the 1950s by Brazilian essayist and literary critic Andrade Muricy. Augusto de Campos would praise Kilkerry in his 1970 work (Re)Visão de Kilkerry as a forerunner of the Modernist poetry in Brazil.

Lindolf Bell: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry

Lindolf Bell Brazilian Poet


Lindolf Bell was born in Timbó, Santa Catarina. He graduated in drama from the Escola de Arte Dramática of São Paulo under the direction of Alfredo Mesquita. He took part in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa (1968-1969) and taught art history at the Universidade Regional de Blumenau, Santa Catarina. In 1964 he started a literary movement called "Catequese Poética" ("Poetical Catechism") taking poetry to the streets, and to stadiuns, factories, universities, bars, and other public places. In 1974 he printed poema on T-shirts and called them Corpoemas (Body Poems) created in Santa Catarina the first Square of the Poem with poems engraved on large stones. In 1981 also he received the Miguel de Cervantes Prize from the state of São Paulo, which enabled him to travel to Spain and Portugal.

Deborah Brennand: Biography and Poems | Brazilian Poetry

Deborah Brennand Brazilian Poet


Deborah Brennand was born in Engenho da Lagoa do Ramo, municipality of Nazaré da Mata, state of Pernambuco. She married Francisco Brennand, one of the most internationally famous Brazilian plastic artists. She dedicated herself to poetry and cultural life in the 1960s and 1970s. Deborah's poetry shows a world full of contradictions.